Individual Preference Stable Clustering (Sept 2023 – Present)

I recently started work on approximating individual preference stable with prof. Moses Charikar. This is a natural extension of my work at DIMACS.

Inapproximability of Clustering with the Diameter Objective (June 2023 – November 2023)

This is a research project in theoretical CS through the DIMACS REU at Rutgers. I studied the difficulty of approximately clustering a set of points with the diameter objective function and proved two significant lower bounds. This was joint work with Ashwin Padaki and Kyrylo Karlov, mentored by prof. Karthik C.S. and Henry Fleischmann. You can find our paper here [In Review].

Query Complexity of Approximating Tournament Winner (June 2021 – August 2021)

This is a research project in theoretical CS through Stanford's CURIS Program. I studied query complexity of finding the best player in a tournament. This was joint work with with two amazing professors—Li-Yang Tan and Moses Charikar, and my friends Bharath Namboothiry and Daniel Rebelsky. You can find the poster here and the paper here.


Visual Descriptionist for CS 154 and CS 107 at Stanford University (September 2021 – March 2022)

CS 154 is one of my favorite classes at Stanford, so this job was very fun. I work with the Office of Accessible Education by helping the visually impaired get access to the class material by describing diagrams during lectures, on homework assignments, and during exams. I replace the role of a TA to make sure office-hour help is available to all.

Section Leader for CS 106 at Stanford University (March 2021 – March 2022)

I'm interested in the best ways to teach. This role as a section leader helped me develop my understanding of this. I led a weekly section for computer science students taking CS 106 at Stanford, I graded homeworks and exams, and I hosted helper hours. I also created syntax review videos for exams and led review sessions for the students.

Teacher at the UFM Community Learning Center in Manhattan, KS (June 2020 – July 2020)

I have done many math education activities such as leading math club in high school or helping out with the local math circle, but this was my first paid teaching. I taught biweekly mathematics classes for about 30 enthusiastic elementary kids and managed the group/organized classes. The kids were amazing and I loved explaining complex topics in intuitive ways to them.


Software Engineering Intern at MetaFacebook (June 2022 – September 2022)

I worked on an internal database querying tool in the Seattle office. It was cool to see teams of engineers work together on software, especially since I grew up in Kansas, where SWE is not as common. Meta was particularly nice about giving out a project that was both impactful and flexible to match what I wanted to do.


Resident Assistant (RA) at Stanford University (September 2022 – Present)

RAs are the people responsible for safety and comfort of students in every dorm. We also organize community events and are a point of contact when residents have any questions or needs.

Certified USSF and Manhattan Adult League Referee in KS and MO (August 2017 – September 2020)

This job isn't that relevant to what I do now, but it was a big part of my life, so I decided to include it anyway. I refereed both kids' and adults' soccer games throughout Kansas and Missouri. Through this job, I learned to work well with other people as well as build confidence in communication.

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